Fascinators 101: Hat elastics

If you’ve just purchased a SHOW PONY Millinery fascinator and are not sure how to wear the small elastic band, this post is for you.

First things first, hat elastics do not fasten under the chin. 

Stella by SHOW PONY Millinery

While you may do up a helmet with a chin strap, our elastics (like those of any other fascinator) are designed to fit around the back of your head and under the hair.

The weight of your hair will help provide an anchor to keep the fascinator firmly on your head and that, with the addition of an inbuilt comb that may also be attached to it, will help keep it firmly on your head.

If you find the elastic starts to slip (they suit some heads better than others) – don’t fret! Just use a few pins to help hold your fascinator in place.

While it doesn’t really matter too much if the elastic is visible to third parties and in fact, girls will even enter Fashion in the Field competitions with them on show, we would always suggest adding that final finishing touch & styling your hair to ‘hide’ it.

Finally, if your fascinator or headpiece comes with a comb attached (which most of ours do), for a really secure fit we suggest you tease a small section of hair where the headpiece will sit (this will be ‘under’ the headpiece so shouldn’t be visible to the naked eye), give it a light dose of hair spray to make it ‘sticky’ or ‘dirty’ and push the comb in. That will further help secure the fascinator to your head.

All that said, some people choose to wear their headpiece with just the comb, or just the hair elastic – and that’s fine too!  Whatever works for you is the right way.

Voila ladies!


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