Fascinators 101: Hat Care

Think of your SHOW PONY Millinery headpiece, hat or fascinator as a work of art, AKA a delicate item that can be easily damaged.

Your fascinator is also your friend come race or wedding day and, like anyone close to you, it hates to be abused but LOVES to be pampered.

So, with all that said, here are some handy hits on keeping your SHOW PONY Millinery fascinator in top notch condition:

  • Show Pony - AmelieKeep your fascinator stored out of sunlight in a box or container:  Long-term exposure to the sun is guaranteed to fade its good looks and keeping it in a sealed container will prevent attacks from both moths & moisture
  • Tuck your fascinator into bed well:  When storing it, pack areas needing shape with plain, acetone-free tissue paper.  Don’t put coloured tissue paper directly around it as the colour could transfer..eek! Also, give her a little more love in those places needing to maintain shape by adding balls of tissue into those areas.
  • Don’t give your fascinator a shower:  The materials used in fascinators are, by their very nature, delicate and not necessarily water-resistant.  Of course, it’s quite common for it to rain on raceday (or at a wedding) so if you do find yourselves getting a bit damp out there, remove excess water with a dry cloth as soon as possible and then let it dry naturally thereafter.  Also, we suggest ensuring you always handle your SHOW PONY with clean, dry hands
  • As much as you might like a good blow dry, your fascinator doesn’t:  Drying with hair dryers, artificial heat or in a place such as a dryer can lead to it shrinking or becoming distorted.  Fascinators tend to dry into the shape they are left in, so if you can find something appropriately-shaped to leave it on, or pack the crown with a pale coloured cloth, this will help retain its shape whilst drying.  Some fascinators are made of materials that are maleable when wet, so you can also try and mould it back into shape as it dries
  • Your fascinator is allergic to dirt:  If it does get dirty, lightly brush off any dirt with a soft clothes brush. If that doesn’t work, try cleaning it gently with a damp cloth.  We don’t recommend using any cleaning products or heavy rubbing as these can make the problem worse or even cause damage
  • Your fascinator is actually a clean freak:  Always handle yours with clean hands to avoid the transfer of natural oils and dirt from your skin
  • Sticky lint rollers are a felt fascinator’s best friend:  In the event of lint or dust build-up, these are the perfect tool to bring it back to life
  • Fascinators hate the heat:  If left in a place like a hot car you may find it warps or mis-shapes from the excessive heat
  • Funnily enough, fascinators aren’t fans of much make-up or sweat:  However, coming into contact with these products is almost inevitable. So, if you find inner headband gets damp, remove salts from the sweat with a damp cloth and turn the headband out to dry. Makeup? Try a very gentle make-up wipe if a damp cloth won’t do the trick
  • Finally, give any feathers the VIP treatment – they damage easily.

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