Grassroots to Red Carpet

We love nothing more than seeing our fascinators be worn by fellow SHOW PONIES in all four corners of the globe.

Show Pony Millinery - Ingrid Michaelson

Image courtesy of Ingrid Michaelson / Instagram

For a couple of fledging milliners from grassroots New Zealand, putting smiles on the faces of our clients is what it’s all about. 

It felt like Christmas waking up this morning to dozens of positive emails, messages & social media posts from clients who had rocked our wares at the Kentucky Derby.

It made all the past month’s late nights, early mornings & countless trips to the Post Office more than worth it.

It was also the most humbling experience – reading of how we had helped play a (small!) part in the happiness of this most incredible bunch of women, many of whom had never worn a fascinator up until this weekend.

You can thus imagine our delight, disbelief AND amazement (if that’s even a word) when we twigged that one of our fantastic clients is the incredibly-talented US singer / songwriter Ingrid Michaelson, who rocked the Kentucky Derby red carpet with a pop of SHOW PONY Millinery and dashing beau, Will Chase.

Ingrid is the most incredible musician (and client!) so to say that we were overwhelmed is somewhat much of an understatement.

Not bad for a couple of sisters whose dream started over a cup of coffee, right?


PS If you want what’s on Ingrid’s head, you can purchase your very own here.

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