Cray-Cray for Tay-Tay

It’s not often you’ll find out studio silent – nothing more gets the creative juices flowing faster than a catchy tune playing full bore!

Taylor Swift

SHOW PONY Millinery hearts Taylor Swift.

Our SHOW PONY playlist is not a one-trick pony either; it’s got the full spectrum of musical genres – from 80s power ballads to indie rock, old crooners, a solid dose of country hits and the latest chart toppers. 

Being a team of creatives we draw inspiration from many places, with the music we play often having an influence on our styles.

Take for instance, our latest creation which is inspired by the queen of the moment, Taylor Swift.

We’re already big fans of this headpiece’s namesake.

Tay-Tay’s catchy tunes feature heavily on our playlist, we love her carefree yet determined ‘girl power’ attitude, the great company she keeps (HELLOOO! Her best friend Lorde is a Kiwi girl like us) and her effortless style.

SHOW PONY Millinery - Tay Tay Fascinator

Meet MISS SWIFT – a fascinator designed & made by SHOW PONY Millinery in New Zealand.

So, when we saw Taylor appear on the red carpet at the 2016 Grammy Awards in her two-piece hot pink & orange Versace ensemble, we knew we had to have a piece.

(Well, not literally a piece of Taylor, but her outfit…as a fascinator…for our heads.)

Finally, after finding a fabric that simply popped, we were able to bring our girl to life.

Readers & followers, meet MISS SWIFT – our interpretation of what would happen if “Taylor Swift met SHOW PONY Millinery on the red carpet at the Grammy’s and they then went and belted out a song together at the races“.

Want a piece of her for yourself? Shop MISS SWIFT here.





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