Paying It Forward

Fighting cancer is no easy feat & we know firsthand just how hard the journey is.

SHOW PONY - Voucher.jpg

So when we heard that a local Christchurch mother had been diagnosed with bladder cancer, we jumped at the opportunity to donate a voucher to a quiz night fundraiser in her honour.

But we wanted to do more and to ‘pay forward’ the support our family received when one half of us went through her own fight against cancer and during our father’s current battle against it.

So, because we also know how uplifting the strength of a community can be when you’re battling Mr Stinky Cancer, we have decided to donate $5 from every headpiece sold between now & 31 August 2016 to “Our Mate Kate” and her family.

It’s not much and we don’t know Kate personally, but we hope it goes some way towards bringing a smile to both her & her family’s faces as they go through this most hideous of times.

Love, hugs and good health,
Carrie & Liv xxx

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