Fascinators 101: How To Match A Headpiece To Your Face Shape

Ever wanted to know how best to match a headpiece to your face shape? These tips might help.

While we think you should wear any fascinator or headpiece that makes you feel like a SHOW PONY, we also understand that sometimes it’s near impossible to narrow down your options and that sometimes, you just need a little help from friends who can help you pick what looks best on you.  

SHOW PONY - Raw Image - Liv & Carrie.jpgFirst things first – what’s your face shape?

If you’re not sure, an easy trick is to get in front of a mirror and pull your hair back off your face.

Using an old lipstick, lip or eye-liner, draw the outline of your face on the mirror and then step back.

Whatever shape the scribble on the mirror resembles is your face shape.

What’s the general idea for matching headpieces to face shapes?

To us, it doesn’t matter if your face is oval, round, heart-shaped or oblong – if you find a headpiece you love, then wear it!  Nothing looks better on a SHOW PONY than self-confidence.

However as far as a general rule goes, it’s all about proportional balance and the silhouette you make.

  • If you’ve got a very round face then we would suggest looking for something angular to give you more definition
  • Likewise, if you have an angular face, seek something with softness to it (such as flowers) to help lighten your features
  • Aysmmetrical styles work really well with longer faces as they cut through the line of the face

If you’re still stuck, here’s a little more in-depth advice. 

Oval faces
The most common face shape, if this is you then consider yourself lucky – you can wear nearly any style of fascinator or headpiece.

If you still need help narrowing down your options, consider your height. A large / wider headpiece will look great if you’re tall, but may affect the all-important proportional balance if you’re on the shorter side.

Round faces
If you’re rocking a round face, look for a headpiece that will elongate you – perhaps something with an assymetrical brim or longer lines.  Detailing such as long quills are things to look out for as they will give you a flattering, taller look.

Oblong or long faces
There’s no need to pull a long face with this particular shape. The perfect headpiece for you is one that balances out the jaw and forehead. A button base style is great as it can take over some of the forehead, helping to shorten your face’s length.  Just be wary of anything too small as it may serve to accentuate your long features.

Heart face
If you have a heart-shaped face then you too are lucky as you’ll suit most styles. The one thing you might want to careful of is not choosing anything too small. A little fascinator may end up making your forehead look bigger and disrupt the balance.

Square face
You’ll want to look for a headpiece or fascinator that softens the straight lines of your jaw. Luckily, there are plenty of styles to choose from – anything with rounded, flowing lines such as assymetrical, rounded pillbox, floral or feathered styles will help create that gorgeous softness.

Happy headpiece hunting!

Your friends at SHOW PONY Millinery

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