2016’s Most Popular Fascinator Colours

The SHOW PONY Millinery public have spoken and we now have our list of the Top 3 Fascinator Colours for 2016.


Client - Liv Cleave - Crown.jpg2016’s Top 3 Fascinator Colours (worldwide) were:

  1. Black
  2. Pink
  3. Navy

While it would appear that on the whole, everyone played it relatively traditional or “safe” for the majority of the year, we’re excited to let you know that as 2016 progressed, we (along with many of our millinery friends) saw an increase in requests for headpieces in the following colours…

Let’s call these 2017’s Rising Stars of Millinery:

  1. Rose Gold – One of the prettiest of metallics, this colour gained much momentum in 2016 from all four corners of the globe, particularly as the Southern Hemisphere’s Summer of Racing kicked off.  Luckily rose gold is the perfect partner with this season’s continued, popular headpiece – the regal crown, and we had many a happy client sport this look on course. Check out the gorgeous Liv C (above) who commissioned a SHOW PONY Millinery rose gold crown to wear at the New Zealand Cup in November 2016.  This was by far our biggest ’emerging’ fascinator colour last year and we’re looking forward to playing with it further in 2017!
  2. Pale or Baby Blue No matter what the tone, you all started desperately seeking this gorgeous feminine colour as the year wore on.  Often paired with blush or the ever-popular navy, it wasn’t just restricted to racegoers – we even had a number of brides choosing to wear a headpiece in either of these colours for their big day!
  3. Burgundy – We’re pretty sure we made all of our ready-to-wear styles, along with plenty of custom orders, in this richly deep colour.  A break from red (which, by the way, those of you in the UK started to request on a more regular basis), and gorgeous with many different skin tones & outfits, this versatile colour was popular with both racegoers and wedding guests, especially those based in the United Kingdom.  In terms of other colours paired with it, blush was by far the most commonly requested, followed by black.

Finally, if you were in Australia, we noticed a lot of you also started to request white or blush fascinators as the year wore on, while many of our UK-based clients began to ask for red or beige headpieces – particularly towards the end of the year.

Live in Asia or the United States?  You guys also loved your red, but equally dug aqua and turquoise!

Let’s just say it will be interesting this time next year when we will be able to see if any of our Rising Stars manage to make their way onto our Top 3 List!

The girls

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