Racing 101: What To Wear To The Autumn Races

Ever wondered what to wear to autumn racing events? This short guide on autumn’s race wear ‘rules’ will hopefully help.

For those of us based in the Southern Hemisphere, autumn is fast-approaching and with the change in temperature, there’s a (slightly) different set of racewear guidelines for anyone wanting to attend some of the season’s major race days in style. 

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2016.jpg

From runway to racetrack – get inspired at the Paris Fashion Week’s upcoming Fall edition

  • Leave the strapless or singlet-strapped outfits at home & bring out your sleeves – not only will they keep you warm on these cooler days, they’re also part of the unwritten Autumn Racing Style Guide. Your favourite new season jacket or coat will also be your best friend as the sun goes down (or if it fails to turn up in the first place)
  • Likewise, leave your strappy or open-toed heels in the bottom of the wardrobe and instead trot out in something more season-appropriate. Something like a pump would fit in well on course, but you could go a little bolder and consider including a (stylish!) ankle boot in your race day look
  • You’d be best to leave your sinamay or straw headpiece in the hat box and instead opt for something made of felt or wool. Metal and leather (or our favourite ‘vegan leather’) also pass the autumn raceday fashionista test and can lend a more modern look to an outfit
  • Think about texture and what fabrics suit a cooler season – a wispy chiffon or light lace is probably better suited to spring or summer’s warmer temperatures.  If you’re entering a fashions in the field event, be aware that judges will award points based on coherence and thought put into an outfit, along with an acknowledgement of current trends.

Need inspiration?  Paris Fashion Week’s Autumn /Fall edition is running from 28 February – 8 March 2017 and, while those in the Northern Hemisphere will need to wait a number of months before getting to show off their take on the catwalk’s trends, if you’re living ‘down under’ you can start straight away!

Finally, don’t forget that getting dressed up for a day at the races is supposed to be FUN and all part of the journey & excitement of the magic that is racing – at the end of the day what really matters is how brightly your unicorn shines from within & the memories made from a day trackside with friends.






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