How To: Perfect the art of the Selfie

The Sydney Championships are here, the Kentucky Derby is imminent and Royal Ascot isn’t too far away…

…meaning tens of thousands of girls will be looking hot to trot at racecourses across the globe in coming months.

These SHOW PONY Millinery ladies clearly know how to take the perfect selfie

These friends of SHOW PONY Millinery have clearly perfected the art of the perfect selfie.

Here at SHOW PONY Millinery HQ, we’re anti-narcissism BUT when it comes to a horse racing event when you’ve spent many dollars & hours getting yourself raceday ready, we reckon it would probably be quite rude not to take a cheeky selfie.

So, as any one of the hundreds of wee cheekies you might take on raceday could well become your next Facebook / Tinder / Instagram profile photo (meaning they HAVE to be on point) and because who doesn’t love to procrastinate by reading something utterly irrelevant to the job that’s likely at hand, we’ve found you a quick refresher on how to make like the SHOW PONY you are & take the perfect selfie.

(No need to thank us, Kim Kardashian & Marie Claire magazine deserve all the glory for this one).

Enjoy ladies!


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