Spring Racing 2017: The hottest colours

Spring racing is all but here and so it’s time to get cracking on deciding what to wear to the races this season.

If you’re in need of a starting point, don’t despair!  The spring racing style gods have spoken, releasing their hottest colours of Spring Racing 2017 which today, we’re sharing with you.

This season’s top spring racing colours are, in no particular order:

Jennifer Hawkins at the 2017 Myer Spring Racing Fashion Collection launch

Jennifer Hawkins at the 2017 Myer Spring Racing Collection Launch

  • Cobalt Blue
  • Frost White – think super crisp
  • Emerald green
  • Red in any shade you like, whether that’s a rich raspberry or a siren red – you wear it, you’ll rock it
  • Soft marshmellow pinks – pastel or blush are your go-to tones this season
  • Zesty citrus

Also, don’t forget that when it comes to Derby Day, the style stakes dictate the dress code is (all but) strictly black & white so rest easy all you monochrome lovers, you’ll still get your time under the spring racing sun.

We should also point out that these are just trending colours, not essentials.

Dressing for the races should always come down to wearing what you love, feel comfortable in and is in a colour that suits you – whether that’s because it’s a perfect match for your skin tone or brings out some of the best parts of your personality (i.e. the unicorn within).

If your dream outfit happens to fall outside the trending colours of the seasons, don’t worry. No one’s going to judge you for it!

Trackside style is all about self-expression and setting your own trends, just channel your inner Jean Shrimpton & rock it at the races!


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