Time to celebrate!


That’s right – here at SHOW PONY Millinery H/Q we’re celebrating the fact that one half of us is officially four years cancer-free!

Four years ago, life was a bit of a different story for us. 

Carrie was one of the super unlucky ones and, after a year of misdiagnosis, was eventually found to have aggressive, invasive bladder cancer.

Not something normally found in a fit & healthy, non-smoking, 34 year old woman!

Life was turned upside down for the wife, mother of three and her wider family & friends as she endured months of harsh chemotherapy and two major operations in a bid to rid herself of Mr Stinky cancer (sic).

Now, instead of carrying that evil little friend around, she’s got a new friend – a urostomy bag – which she rocks each & every day.

So it is that each year, we celebrate the fact we have our mother / wife / sister / daughter / friend and milliner (!) with us.

Whether it’s a surprise party, a few too many bottles of French Champagne or even just a kiss & a cuddle, we’re so proud of our battler & what she’s endured.

That’s why we set up SHOW PONY Millinery – we wanted to create a brand that celebrates life, one that’s about the good times had in the company of others, something that brings out your inner unicorn and, more personally for us, is a positive life milestone.

So, here’s to you Carrie. And to all the people you’ve inspired and continue to on a daily basis, plus those who you’ll no doubt inspire in the days, months & years ahead. You’re one heck of a woman and we love you not just to the moon, but to the galaxies & back.

  • Carrie kept a blog as she went through the bigger stages of her battle against bladder cancer – you can read it here.


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