ROYAL ASCOT 2018 HATS: Shipping Deadlines


If delivery to the UK is required, we suggest ordering your headpiece by ABSOLUTELY NO LATER than Thursday 7 June (the earlier, the better!) – which should hopefully mean you receive it by Monday 18 June* – literally just one day before the first day of Royal Ascot.

EEK! That’s super tight timing! (You could always just buy your Royal Ascot hat today & avoid all that stress…).

Capture 2

At the time of publishing, the majority of our Royal Ascot hats are ready to be dispatched to the post office within two working days. That time may extend the closer we get to the event date due to an increase in orders so keep an eye out in our online boutique where we will update hat processing times accordingly.

If you see something you like online but would like it in another colour, please get in touch with us and see if it’s possible to make, and make within the timeframe.

Once your hat has been dispatched, it takes roughly 5-7 working days to get to the United Kingdom, though this is not guaranteed by our postal service provider.

We use New Zealand Post’s international courier service to ship all our hats and they stress that 5-7 working day timeframe is a best estimate only and NOT a guarantee of delivery.

So by working back from that and assuming you have selected a headpiece that has a 2 working day dispatch period, the absolute latest we suggest placing your order with us is Thursday 7 June 2017. From there, cross your fingers that there are no delays in the postal service! (It’s very rare, but it can and does happen).

* We cannot stress enough how important it is to purchase your headpiece well in advance of an event and that this cut-off date is the absolute final day we would ever suggest you purchase your hat by for Royal Ascot 20918. We are not responsible for hats that are delayed or lost in the postal service. It is up to you as the purchaser to take any issue up with the shipping provider.


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