New in stock: The hottest hat for cooler days

OMG how much does the fashion world currently love what are ‘fiddler’ or ‘newsboy’ hats?

All of the names (Blake LivelyRosie Huntington-Whiteley , the Duchess of Cambridge and Justin Timberlake, to name a few) have been papped wearing these uber-trendy accessories…

…and so now’s your turn!

Introducing our re(BELLE) fiddler caps.


Caramello… best suited to any hair type or colour

Available in Crow’s Black, In The Navy or a gorgeous caramello, these luxe cotton/wool blend hats are a fantastic winter accessory for anyone wanting something that’s dressier than a beanie, but as cool for your head as a pair of statement sunnies or the latest shade from O . P . I.


Our first two drops sold out instantly and so we now present to you our third & final release for the Southern Hemisphere winter.

Priced at just NZ$49.95 (convert into your local currency here) + shipping, you might as well join the cool club and get one in every colour!


How good!?



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