Pink Rose Gold HALO Fascinator by SHOW PONY Millinery

New in stock: The cutest pink halo the Duchess hasn’t worn (yet…)

We’ve been telling our fans this for a while now, but it wasn’t until our favourite Duchess happened to wear one to her son’s christening that the fashion world woke up to the beauty of HALO headpieces.

These are just the prettiest, most easy-to-wear headpieces you’ll find. Honestly. You barely notice you’re wearing them, but EVERYONE always comments on them.

Available in a gorgeous bubblegum pink & rose gold, this is most definitely a show-stopping hat for the races and won’t stick around long: 

Pink Rose Gold HALO Fascinator by SHOW PONY Millinery

Wear them close to your forehead or nestled just behind some of those luscious bangs you may be rocking, or sit it further back for a different take on this on-trend look. How easy!?

Pink Halo Hat SHOW PONY Millinery

While we don’t have it pictured here, you can also twist the HALO so it’s slightly front & centre more on one side of your head, creating a super gorgeous spanish-style look that goes well with all those ruffled outfits we’re seeing everywhere.


Fence-sitter? We can make HALOs in other colours & styles and will be releasing them as and when we can, however we’re getting super booked up for Spring Racing, Melbourne Cup & New Zealand Cup Week orders, so we can’t guarantee we can create any more like this one until at least the end of the year.  Make her yours today.

Can’t wait to see you rock her!



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