FREE SHIPPING on Kentucky Derby Hats

Don’t you HATE it when you’re shopping for something online, find the PERFECT item, then, when you go to check out, realise that the shipping is waaaay too expensive?

So do we. 

We can’t count how many times we’ve ‘abandoned’ shipping carts because the cost to get the thing to you is more than what it’s actually worth.

So, this Kentucky Derby season, we’re offering FREE INTERNATIONAL COURIER SHIPPING on a huge range of our ready-to-wear hats.


Carrie looks great in this Derby hat, but you’d look better | Check her out here (and yes, we’ll ship her to you for FREE)

Most of these hats are ready to ship in just one business day, and from there, it should take 5-8 business days to get to you.

As it’s Easter this weekend however (and we’re going AWAY), we’re encouraging you all to purchase your hats before 18 April to give them the best chance of getting to you in time.

So, what are you waiting for?  Make like the Easter Bunny and hop to it!

Check out our Derby Hats in our online boutique.

Enjoy your Kentucky Derby hat shopping ladies!


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