IN THE NEWS: SHOW PONY’s in fashion

New Zealand Cup & Show Week seems like an age ago.

And, well, it was.

We were so slammed fulfilling custom orders, keeping our retail spaces filled with stock & shipping our online orders that we may have slacked off in the coms department (just a tad) and neglected to share some of the stories that popped up in the lead-up to New Zealand’s big week of racing.

We’re so appreciative of the media that take the time out of their days, and space out of their platforms, to talk with us that we like to “give back” a little and share their work with you.

One of the more colourful pieces that came out of New Zealand Cup & Show Week 2018 was a photo shoot for Avenues – the magazine that Christchurch lives by.

1In conjunction with the work of another milliner, a stylist, (professional!) models (from Portfolio), and one of Christchurch’s most talented hair & make-up artists (Simone Thurlow – we love you), some of our hats made it into the fashion pages with a racing-themed photo shoot.

Below are some of the shots and, if you like what you see, you can click to view the full photo shoot (skip to page 28) or, learn more about Avenues &, at the same time, get the definitive guide to living in, and visiting, the amazing city that is Christchurch, New Zealand.


Without a word of a lie, this hat was NOT custom-made for the shoot.  It just so happened we’d picked up what Ted Baker had too – both selecting to (independently) create designs in that gorgeous grey, white & dusky pink combo.


Rebecca makes our hats look SUPER swish – she’s like the ultimate SHOW PONY model.


We have to admit, it was very cool to have our hats ‘dressed up’ with clothing & accessories from the likes of Miu Miu, Ted Baker, Trelise Cooper & WORLD.


While the fascinator on the right is by SHOW PONY Millinery, we can’t take credit for the one on the left.



PS Photos courtesy of Avenues

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