ROYAL ASCOT 2019: Hat Shipping Times


If you’re planning on buying a Royal Ascot 2019 hat online, this is a handy guide as to when you should order it by.

Because delays can – and do – happen with any post service, and as we here at SHOW PONY Millinery are based at the bottom of the globe in New Zealand, we recommend you consider buying your Ascot hat earlier rather than later.

Ladies derby and races hats by

If you haven’t worked out what hat to wear to Royal Ascot 2019, it might be time to get shopping! 

If delivery to the UK is required and you need your hat by the first day of Royal Ascot 2018 (Tuesday 18 June), we suggest ordering your headpiece by ABSOLUTELY NO LATER than Wednesday 5 June – which should, all going well, mean you receive it around Friday 14 June, giving you a couple of days ‘buffer’ for any possible postal delays. 

All our Royal Ascot hats are sent via trackable, international courier so you’re able to keep an eye on their progress as they make their way to your door.  Just make sure someone’s there when it arrives as they all require a signature on delivery!

This season, we’re putting a lot of our Ascot hats on a ‘first-in, first-served’ basis – meaning if you see something you like you had better get in quick as we may not be making another like it before the big event.

That way, it also means our clients get to have a unique hat to wear to Royal Ascot and can avoid bumping into anyone wearing the same thing!


So, with that said, maybe it’s time to look at what Royal Ascot 2019 hat you’re going to buy today.

At the time of publishing, the majority of our Royal Ascot hats are ready to be dispatched to the post office within two working days.

SHOW PONY Millinery best Derby hats

The majority of our Royal Ascot hats are big enough to meet Royal Enclosure dress code guidelines

That time may extend the closer we get to the event date due to an increase in orders so keep an eye out in our online boutique where we will update hat processing times accordingly – as that will also extend the time in which you can expect to receive your Royal Ascot hat.

Once your hat has been dispatched, it takes roughly 5-7 working days to get to the United Kingdom, though this time-frame is not guaranteed by our postal service provider.

We use New Zealand Post’s international courier service to ship all our hats and they stress that 5-7 working day timeframe is a best estimate only and NOT a guarantee of delivery.


We’ll do what we can from our end, and we work super long hours during this period doing our best to make miracles happen but we aren’t responsible for hats that are delayed or lost in the postal service, especially when they’ve been ordered at the last minute, have incomplete details such as addresses or couldn’t be delivered as no one was there to sign for them.

It is up to you as the purchaser to take any issue up with the shipping provider.


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