How to: Channel old-school celebrity at Royal Ascot 2019

As any fashionista knows, fashion trends come… they go… then they come again.  So, if you’re looking for a timeless style hat to wear to Royal Ascot 2019, we may have just made the one for you.

1940s screen queen, Rita Hayworth, was often pictured trackside at the races, oozing glam wherever the pin-up girl went.

In this photo taken in 1950, the actress is at Royal Ascot – this year’s edition of which is just around the corner.

Pictured in a black headpiece (big enough in diameter to meet the Royal Enclosure dress code guidelines), she looks fresh-faced & happy trackside.

Rita Hayworth Royal Ascot 1950

As for our 2019-take on Hayworth’s Royal Ascot hat, we’ve designed a similar black headpiece but added some on-trend veiling to bring it into the current year & kept the cut pretty clean and modern (great for the girl who likes an understated hat OR sleek lines). 

Best Royal Ascot Hats celebrity SHOW PONY Millinery.jpg

We’ve seen berets trending on all the international runways and, while this woven masterpiece isn’t a beret, she nods to that style. 

We haven’t released this classic beauty through our online boutique – instead, you’ll need to give us a holla to make your purchase & cross your fingers that no one else has beaten you to it.

She’s NZ$139.95 plus shipping – check this online currency converter to see what that is in your currency (roughly £70 or US$90).

Royal Ascot Hats 2019 the best ones to buy SHOW PONY Millinery.jpg

If you don’t think you could bear to see someone else steal this style, send us a message and maybe, just maybe, she can be all yours for Royal Ascot 2019.


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