Where can you wear a hat or fascinator?

If you’ve never worn a hat or fascinator before, but are keen to rock one out at an event, this is the guide for you! 

Where to wear hats and fascinators | SHOW PONY Millinery New Zealand

Gina & Holly rocking our hats & fascinators on-set for a campaign photo shoot in Auckland, New Zealand.

Hats and fascinators have been associated with weddings for a very long time.  Often, the mother-of-the-bride or wedding guests will choose to wear a hat or fascinator to the big event, but we’ve sold HEAPS of fascinators and our luxe collection of sparkly crowns – such as this knockout – to a lot of brides too. 

While not seen as often at such events in New Zealand, fascinators and hats are very common at christenings, cocktail parties, summer soirees, church events, tea parties and many other formal events too (just think of all those times you see a member of the Royal Family stepping out in a hat or fascinator!) around the rest of the world. 

In fact, we have even sold our hats and fascinators to people who want to wear a hat on any old day of the week for no reason at all!  

Our fascinators and hats are also hugely popular for the races and we have sent our precious SHOW PONIES to a racing event in nearly every corner of the globe.   Royal Ascot, Kentucky Derby, New Zealand Cup and the Melbourne Cup (to name a few!) are regular events for our hats & fascinators to make an appearance at.

From Derby Day, to Ladies’ Day, to a city or town’s annual ‘Cup Day’, you’ll usually see nearly as many hats and fascinators at the races as you will horses.

So there you have it.  The options for where you can wear a hat or fascinator to are all-but-endless.

Happy hat and fascinator wearing ladies!



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