The Story of SHOW PONY Millinery

Once upon a time…

Created in 2016, you could say that SHOW PONY Millinery actually started decades ago when our parents first locked eyes at a local race meeting and began their journey of “happily ever after”.

SHOW PONY - About - One

As two of the (three) resulting daughters of that fateful meeting, we spent our childhoods being trotted along to race meetings up and down the length of the country, and even across to the other side of the world.

While Dad was responsible for keeping our racing prowess on form; Mum was the one who ensured we were suitably-attired for each raceday.

It couldn’t have been a better situation – we found ourselves not only looking forward to the raceday itself, but the journey (to countless shops & dressmakers) that it took to get there.

As our knowledge of the Sport of Kings grew, so too did our wardrobes – especially after we began to make our own fascinators for the big events. Poor Dad probably felt like he lived in a clothes shop!

A day at the races soon became an opportunity for us to share our passion, as well as a few bets & bubbles, with friends.

Friends (the female ones) then began asking us if we could make them fascinators too.

It wasn’t long until we found ourselves often being asked why we didn’t go into business. We carefully ignored such questions however, using the excuse that life was just “too busy and serious” for us to ever contemplate taking such a risk and following our dreams.

SHOW PONY - About 2

Fast-forward a few years though, after one of us had beaten all odds and won a mighty battle against cancer and the other had found herself at a crossroads after having given up her career & moved cities for a relationship that wasn’t meant to be, you could say it was fortuitous that we ended up sharing in a watershed moment one evening.

It was in said watershed that rather than dwell on the past and think “why us?”, we did what we have always tried to do when presented with such challenges and instead looked to the future and asked ourselves “why not?”.

2016, we decided, was going to be our year.

It was time to bring the fun & colour back into not only our lives, but of those around us.

And what better way to do that, we thought, than by making fun fascinators for women to wear to those events that have always brought us happiness?

So now, to the backdrop of fantastic music and much laughter, we spend our days crafting our wares with the kind of love and positivity that we hope will rub off on you when you step out in them.

Rest-assured you’ll be in good company too – our designs have been worn at prestigious international racing events including the Kentucky Derby, Royal Ascot and Melbourne Cup Carnival, but also to many weddings & parties as well.

For us, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been struck by cancer, a dead-end relationship or whatever else has been thrown at you… we think that even when life is a donkey, you can still be a SHOW PONY.

Love from two of the happiest SHOW PONIES on earth.